First post! And a recipe…

Hello! So this is my new blog, how exciting! As the name suggests, I’m planning to write mostly about linguistics (which I study at uni) and cake, as well as food more generally. Any linguistics will be strictly amateur, based around what I happen to read at any given moment, and food will tend towards the cheap, quick and easy variety. To start with, here is a recipe for bacon and mushroom pasta which I made last term when I discovered I had some bacon and some mushrooms left over:

Ingredients (per person):

A portion of pasta (75-100g)

2 rashers bacon

5 or 6 mushrooms

A (small) clove of garlic

A bit of butter or olive oil

  1. Boil some water and put the pasta on to cook; start heating a small frying pan.
  2. Meanwhile, slice the bacon into strips about an inch wide (I trimmed some of the fat as well, though you wouldn’t need to) and fry them over a medium heat, adding a drop of oil if you have removed all the fat.
  3. Wipe and slice the mushrooms, and add them to the pan with the bacon when the pasta has 4-5 minutes to go. Crush or slice the garlic and add that, too.
  4. When the pasta is done, drain it, return it to the pan, add the bacon, mushrooms and garlic along with the butter or olive oil and shake it around a bit.

Tip for cooking cheap pasta: it never takes as long as the pack says! I tend to time it for 8 minutes, and after that check every minute. If the bacon and mushrooms are done before the pasta, it won’t hurt for them to sit off the heat for a couple of minutes.