Chocolate-dipped strawberries!

I made these as a treat last week, as two of my friends had almost finished their exams and another had just got her results, so they are simultaneously well-done and nearly-done strawberries! They seem really luxurious and summer-y, and my friends said they looked very professional (though probably they were just being nice…they were pretty though!).

They’re super-easy: for 400g strawberries, you need about 100g of good dark chocolate (or I suppose you could use milk…but it’s just not as luxurious to me) and a couple of squares of white chocolate, about 25g. Just melt the dark chocolate, dip take a spoonful and roll the strawberry in it, then put on greaseproof paper to dry. When dry (about 20 minutes) melt the white chocolate and use the wrong end of a spoon to flick it over the strawberries. As you can tell I had good fun doing this, and covered most of the greaseproof paper as well as the strawberries…Nom nom nom!