Dropped scones

To me, Be-Ro was the name of a cookbook before it was a brand of flour. My grandma has 2 editions, my mum 3, and I got my first one a few years ago (a proud moment!), so it’s a bit of a family tradition. Its recipes aren’t exactly groundbreaking; it is, after all, essentially a piece of marketing. But it has basic, traditional (they don’t change much between editions…) recipes for almost anything involving flour and I associate it with my childhood, as most of the recipes are ones that I’m sure I ‘helped’ with as a child…! One of my favourite recipes is dropped scones (also called Scotch pancakes), small thick pancakes which are great to make with everyone sitting in the kitchen, chatting and eating them as soon as they come out of the pan…


100g self-raising flour

50g caster sugar

1 egg

4tbsp milk

Butter (to grease the pan)

– Mix the flour and sugar, add the egg and beat it in along with most of the milk – start with 3tbsp and keep adding until you have a fairly thick batter: if you take a spoonful and turn it over the bowl there should be a very brief pause before it falls back.

– Heat up a large frying pan (traditionally a griddle, but I don’t have one and it doesn’t seem to matter!) and melt a little butter to grease it.

– Cook 3-4 at a time, depending on the size of your pan: each should have about a tablespoon of mixture. Cook until the underneath is golden, then turn to brown the other side. Depending how hot the pan it, they take about 4 minutes each.

They’re good plain, but I often eat them with jam or syrup. Also I like to make a thicker batter and cook on quite a high heat so the middle stays gooey, but this is probably just me…!